OIG Releases Third Quarter 2019 Report

The City of Chicago Office of Inspector General (OIG) has released its third quarter report for 2019 to City Council. The report summarizes the Office’s activity from July 1, 2019 through September 30, 2019. This quarter’s report contains summaries of concluded investigations, inquiries, and other activities, including:

  • An OIG investigation which established that a Chicago Police Department (CPD) lieutenant, and a sergeant and detective under the lieutenant’s command, mishandled CPD’s investigation of the off-duty death of a CPD member. The lieutenant, sergeant, and detective (collectively, the “investigative team”) violated CPD rules by conducting an incompetent and incomplete investigation; furthermore, the lieutenant and the detective violated CPD rules, Cook County ordinances, and Illinois law when they were personally involved in removing the deceased CPD member’s body from the place of death without notification to or authorization from the Cook County Medical Examiner. OIG recommended that CPD impose discipline on the detective and sergeant commensurate with the gravity of the violations and issue a formal determination on the violations in the (since retired) lieutenant’s personnel file. CPD issued five-day suspensions for the detective and sergeant and agreed to place a copy of OIG’s report in the lieutenant’s personnel file.
  • An OIG investigation which established that an alderman’s staff assistant, in response to a ticket the alderman’s ward vehicle received for an expired vehicle registration, drafted a letter on official letterhead falsely claiming that the vehicle had been registered at the time the ticket was issued. That letter was subsequently submitted to the Department of Administrative Hearings, along with a forged Illinois vehicle registration card. OIG recommended that the alderman discharge the staff assistant and refer the staff assistant for placement on the ineligible for rehire list maintained by by the Department of Human Resources. The alderman disagreed with OIG’s recommendation.
  • An OIG investigation which established that in 2015, a Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) asphalt laborer committed workers’ compensation fraud and collected $24,000 in unentitled payments. OIG’s investigation also revealed that the asphalt laborer had served nearly ten years of incarceration for federal weapons and narcotics convictions, which the asphalt laborer did not disclose to the City. OIG recommended that CDOT discharge the asphalt laborer and refer the asphalt laborer for placement on the ineligible for rehire list maintained by the Department of Human Resources. Following a settlement agreement, CDOT agreed not to seek termination of the asphalt laborer but, instead, agreed to suspend the asphalt laborer for 25 days.
  • An OIG notification issued to the Department of Water Management (DWM) which determined that the Department’s communication with customers affected by partial lead service line replacements did not align with best practices recommended by the American Water Works Association. The information provided to customers did not contain guidance regarding: the dangers of lead consumption; the dangers of lead consumption; the proper flushing technique; or the availability of point-of-use filters certified to reduce lead levels.
  • A Public Safety Survey, soliciting input from the community and members of CPD about areas of concern and priorities regarding public safety and police practices and operations, received over 1,000 responses. The results of the ongoing survey (found at research.net/r/XS87Z82) are summarized in the Third Quarter Report.

The full quarterly report can be found on the OIG website: bit.ly/OIG2019Q3

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The mission of the independent and non-partisan City of Chicago Office of Inspector General is to promote economy, effectiveness, efficiency, and integrity by identifying corruption, waste, and mismanagement in City government. OIG is a watchdog for the taxpayers of the City and has jurisdiction to conduct investigations and audits into most aspects of City government. If you see corruption, fraud, or waste of any kind, we need to hear from you. For more information, visit our website at: www.igchicago.org.