It is prohibited by law and the policies of City of Chicago to take any employment action for any Covered Position or Other Employment Action (actions include, but are not limited to: hiring, firing, promotion, demotion, lay-off, reinstatement, reemployment, transfer, reclassification, granting overtime, assignment, withholding of any job benefit and imposition of any employment sanction or detriment) based on Political Reasons or Factors or other Improper considerations unless the position is considered to be “Exempt.”

In order to ensure that the law and policies are followed, ALL employees, regardless of whether they hold exempt or non-exempt positions, have a duty to report any contact(s) they have with any elected or appointed official of any political part or any agent acting on behalf of an elected or appointed official, political party, or political organization, if that contact involves an attempt to inquire about a position or affect an employment action involving an applicant or employee who is applying for or holds a non-exempt position.

This form serves as notification and an official record of any contact you may have received from a politically related person or organization. If you are contacted or know about such a contact, you are required to complete this form immediately.

NOTE: You are not required to assess whether the contact is illegal; rather, you are only required to report its occurrence. Please provide all information requested in this form. For further inquiries or questions, please contact the OIG Compliance at compliance@igchicago.org.