OIG Releases Second Annual Budget Explainer

The City of Chicago Office of Inspector General (OIG) has released its second annual Budget Explainer, which summarizes the sources, allocation, and the overall appropriation of funds for the Chicago Police Department (CPD) for the fiscal year (FY) of 2022.

CPD is the City of Chicago’s largest department, and a large percentage of the City’s overall budget goes to fund the Department. With this guide, OIG aims to provide stakeholders and taxpayers with basic, foundational information about the City’s budget and budget process, and how CPD’s budget is built.

Money for the City’s budget comes primarily from taxes, fees, fines, and grants. The money is directed to a specific fund corresponding to its source. The City’s net total budget in FY 2022 was $16,655,836,000. A large percentage of the City’s overall budget goes to fund this section, and other policing-related costs. Of the FY 2022 budget, $1,899,239,537 was appropriated for CPD in 2022. CPD uses the money for expenditures such as salaries, equipment, travel, contractual services, tuition reimbursement, etc. In FY 2022, CPD budgeted for 13,933 positions, and an additional 125 positions were funded through grants.

“Just as public safety and police reform loom large in the concerns of Chicagoans, CPD occupies a great deal of space in the City’s budget. The City’s budget process is a complex one, and we provide this explainer in the interest of transparency and in the hopes of facilitating a well-informed public conversation about the way CPD is built and funded,” said Inspector General Deborah Witzburg.

The Budget Examiner report can be found on OIG’s website: www.bit.ly/CPDBudget-2022

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