The Office of Inspector General Launches a National Search for a New Deputy Inspector General for Public Safety

The Office of Inspector General has launched a national search for its next Deputy Inspector General for Public Safety. The individual in this position will lead OIG’s Public Safety section, exercising oversight over the Chicago Police Department (CPD), the Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA), and Chicago’s Police Board.  

OIG’s Public Safety section works to enhance the effectiveness of CPD, COPA, and the Police Board; to increase public safety, promote constitutional policing practices that safeguard individual liberties and civil rights; and ensure the accountability of the 12,000 member police force, thus building stronger police-community relations. To those ends, the section performs rigorous, independent, qualitative and quantitative analysis of CPD, COPA, and the Police Board through audit-based inquiries conducted in accordance with the Principles and Standards for Offices of Inspector General issued by the Association of Inspectors General (“Green Book”), and publishes reports containing findings and recommendations for improvements and reforms. Further, the section reviews closed disciplinary cases investigated by CPD’s Bureau of Internal Affairs or COPA and recommends that any investigations found to be materially deficient be reopened, and recommends programmatic improvements to Chicago’s police disciplinary system.

The process for selection of the Deputy Inspector General for Public Safety, and the minimum qualifications for the position, are set out in the Municipal Code of Chicago (MCC) § 2-56-220. Pursuant to the MCC, the Deputy Inspector General for Public Safety must:

  • be either an attorney with substantial experience in criminal, civil rights, and/or labor law, or corporate and/or governmental investigations or an individual with substantial experience in law enforcement oversight, preferably with a graduate degree;
  • have knowledge of law enforcement, particularly of internal investigations of wrongdoing and use of force;
  • have a commitment to and knowledge of the need for and responsibilities of law enforcement, as well as the need to protect basic constitutional rights of all affected parties;
  • have demonstrated integrity, professionalism, sound judgment, and leadership; and
  • have the ability to work with diverse groups and individuals.

As required by the MCC, OIG has engaged a nationally recognized organization with expertise in government oversight to perform the search. GovHR USA has been retained, and they have posted the job opportunity here: Chicago, IL – Deputy Inspector General for Public Safety – GovHR USA – Career Page ( A candidate will be selected by Inspector General Deborah Witzburg and nominated for approval by the City Council.

“The Deputy Inspector General for Public Safety occupies a tremendously important place in Chicago’s reform effort. We are deeply committed to continuing the impactful work of our Public Safety section, and I so look forward to its being stewarded by a new Deputy,” said Inspector General Witzburg.

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