Public Safety 2022 Outlook on Police Oversight and Accountability

The 2022 Public Safety Section Outlook on Police Oversight and Accountability is now posted online. It includes details on projects corresponding to the Public Safety section’s strategic priorities: (A) CPD operational competence; (B) discipline and accountability; and (C) constitutional policing. The list of projects is intended to serve as a guiding document and is subject to change. The Public Safety section may initiate other projects over the course of the year and the section may not undertake each of the listed projects in 2022. Circumstances may arise during the year which prompt the Public Safety section to undertake new, higher priority projects, reduce the priority of a planned project, or terminate a project if OIG determines that further work will not bring substantial benefit to the City. Potential projects are developed from a variety of sources, including input from community members, CPD members, and OIG staff.