OIG Releases Advisory Concerning Waste Disposal from City Infrastructure Projects

OIG Releases Advisory Concerning Waste Disposal from City Infrastructure Projects

The City of Chicago Office of Inspector General (OIG) has published an advisory on the disposal of non-hazardous waste from city infrastructure projects. The report explains that the City has failed to enforce its contract provisions regarding the proper disposal of waste by City vendors. In fact, inadequate tracking, controls, and training create an opportunity for waste haulers to pocket City money specifically intended to pay a premium for waste disposal at contractually-specified, permitted facilities.

OIG’s inquiry suggests that lax regulatory compliance may extend to the disposal of hazardous waste. One program manager confirmed to OIG that while he tracked disposal of hazardous waste for payment purposes, he did not ensure disposal conformed with regulatory and contract requirements.

In its response the City states it will require contractors to submit an affidavit with each invoice certifying that waste has been disposed of correctly, will perform random checks of waste disposal documentation, and will retrain staff that oversee construction sites.

The full advisory and City’s response can be found online at the OIG website: http://bit.ly/wstadv.

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