OIG Third Quarter 2014 Report

Highlights from OIG activity from July 1 through September 30, 2014 are summarized below. A link to the full report is provided here.

  • OIG notified the Chicago Police Department that certain routine human resource practices might lead to the improper issuance of retirement credentials to retiring exempt members who are not eligible to receive them. This issue was identified during the course of an OIG investigation that found CPD issued credentials and good-standing certification to an exempt member, who at the time of retirement was the subject of a Bureau of Internal Affairs investigation for lying to federal agents. As a result this retired officer currently possesses the concealed-carry privileges of an active-duty law-enforcement officer. CPD stated that going forward it will ensure compliance with all stated operating procedures. CPD has also revoked the retired officer’s good-standing certification and initiated action to recover the retirement credentials from the individual.
  • Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) utilized two private consultants as common-law City employees. The consultants worked solely on City projects, used City equipment, and generally operated in a manner that was indistinguishable from other City employees for years. The consultants’ services were billed through false timesheets connected to projects they did not contribute to. OIG also found that an executive officer for the vendor that submitted these false timesheets was the sibling of an employee at CDOT who oversaw aspects of the billed projects and had knowledge of the false billing. CDOT issued one and two-week suspensions to three employees.
  • In 2005 and 2006, an elevator company charged the Department of Water Management (DWM) for monthly maintenance of five City elevators, even though the company only performed a small percentage of the invoiced services. The company ultimately received $44,716.25 in City funds to which it was not entitled. DWM indicated that it agreed with OIG’s findings and was referring the matter to the Law Department for consideration of a breach of contract action.
  • An employee with the Department of Streets and Sanitation (DSS) used a City vehicle for personal business, while seeking to conceal this misuse by using a subordinate’s assigned City vehicle. The employee also provided deliberately misleading information to OIG. OIG recommended that DSS impose discipline up to and including termination. DSS imposed a seven-day suspension, citing the employee’s “positive work history.”
  • The employee of a City of Chicago Department of Aviation vendor solicited and accepted a bribe in exchange for releasing a “Denver boot” from a car parked in an airport lot. The vendor suspended the employee and subsequently cooperated with OIG’s investigation. DPS initiated debarment proceedings against the employee.