OIG Ordinance Amended To Include Interested Sister Agencies

On October 8, 2014, the Chicago City Council approved amendments to Municipal Code of
Chicago (MCC) 2-56 proposed by the Emanuel Administration that expands the jurisdictional
authority of the City of Chicago Office of Inspector General to the City’s “sister agencies.”
Under the new law, interested sister agencies – such as the Public Building Commission, the
Chicago Public Schools, City Colleges of Chicago, and the Chicago Park District, among others
– may place themselves under the jurisdiction of the City of Chicago Office of Inspector General
by entering an agreement with the City of Chicago. The specific amendments to the Municipal
Code approved by the City Council are:

MCC 2-56-30 Inspector General – Powers and duties:
(i) To exercise any of his powers or duties specified in this Code with respect to any
sister agency, as that term is defined in Section 1-23-010, pursuant to an
intergovernmental agreement that the city may enter into with such sister agency as
authorized by the city council, and as such power or duty may be modified by such

MCC 2-56-055 Functions with respect to sister agencies:
Nothing provided in this Chapter shall be construed to prohibit the inspector general from
providing any service or undertaking any function with respect to a sister agency within
the scope of an intergovernmental agreement entered into pursuant to Section 2-56-