Follow-Up on CACC’s Shelter Operations

The purpose of this follow-up audit was to determine the status of the Commission on Animal Care and Control’s (CACC) corrective response to a May 2013 OIG audit of CACC’s shelter operations.

The 2013 audit found that CACC was significantly understaffed according to national standards and appropriated staffing levels and did not carry out veterinary examinations in a timely manner for 38% of neglected and abused animals. The audit also noted inconsistencies in animal inventory. In its follow-up, OIG re-tested CACC shelter operations.

The follow-up audit found that the Commission addressed all of the original audit’s recommendations and negative findings. CACC’s corrective actions included:

  • hiring Animal Care Clerks into nine previously appropriated but unfilled positions to clean and feed animals
  • hiring one Operations Manager
  • implementing new inventory procedures including a daily count of animals