OIG Publishes New Report Describing City’s Powers Under the Parking Meter Concession

The OIG has published a report describing the City’s rights and powers retained under the 2008 Metered Parking Concession Agreement with Chicago Parking Meters, LLC. The report provides the public and City officials with a simplified baseline summary of what the City can and cannot do under the contract.

“The parking meter contract understandably remain a source of frustration and debate throughout the City,” said Inspector General Joe Ferguson. “Public reports indicate the Administration is acting to ensure its costs are no more than contractually required. However, cost is the not the only item governed by the contract. There are other aspects of the contract that permit the City to exercise certain policy prerogatives and administrative powers. It is therefore important that everyone have a more informed understanding based on equal access accurate information when discussing how the City can best live with this contract. This is especially true when considering that the concession will be in place for the foreseeable future.”