OIG Releases Recommendations and Responses Regarding Cashiering and Mail Delivery

The City of Chicago Office of Inspector General (OIG) today published recommendations made to the City Comptroller and the Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) regarding efficiency in operations and loss prevention.

Recommendations and Response Regarding Cashiering

The OIG recently conducted an investigation into allegations of theft at a Department of Revenue facility. In the course of that investigation, the OIG discovered poor cash management practices, leaving the City susceptible to loss. The OIG report to the City Comptroller noted five steps the Comptroller should consider to help mitigate the risk of loss. They included requiring supervisors to verify subordinates’ cash amounts at the beginning and end of each day, and ensuring that all video surveillance cameras undergo regular inspection. Comptroller Amer Ahmad noted in his response that he had used the OIG report to strengthen each of the cashiering practices the OIG found to be weak.

Recommendations and Response Regarding CDPH Mail Delivery

During an investigation into improper timekeeping practices of CDPH employees, the OIG found that CDPH was using licensed Motor Truck Drivers (MTDs) to perform mail delivery functions while other departments used lower salaried employees for those same duties. In a letter to Commissioner Bechara Choucair, which also commended CDPH actions taken in response to that investigation, the OIG estimated that CDPH could save $70,000 by using lower salaried employees for its mail delivery. In his response, Commissioner Choucair indicated that he had taken several steps regarding the OIG recommendations. Specifically, he has consulted with the City Department of Fleet and Facilities Management regarding CDPH mail delivery options, has requested that the City’s Department of Human Resources perform a desk audit for titles in that unit to help determine who should be performing these duties, and will re-evaluate the need for MTDs to perform this function in advance of the 2013 budget.