City Releases Open Chicago 2012 Budget Hearing Documents

During the City Council hearings on the City’s 2012 Budget in October and November 2011, City Departments submitted information to the City Council based on Aldermanic questions of the departments made prior to and during the hearings. The material includes each commissioner’s opening statement during the budget hearings and detailed information regarding departmental operations.

Following a request from the Inspector General, the City has now posted this information for review online – which, prior to the OIG request, had not been made widely available to the public.

As part of the City of Chicago Inspector General’s Office’s (OIG) Open Chicago initiative, Inspector General Joseph Ferguson requested City department heads either provide the OIG with copies of all documents submitted to the City Council as part of the 2012 City Council Department budget hearings or provide this information onto their public websites.

The City informed the OIG today that these documents are now online via the City’s Office of Budget and Management’s website.