Follow Up Review of the MWBE Program

OIG released a follow up review of the City’s Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) program. This follow-up report details changes in the program over the past year, the challenges the program still faces, and recommendations for the new administration and City Council to consider in rebuilding the program to make it function effectively.  We issued this report firm in the belief that the MWBE program can still be a valuable City asset in leveling the playing field for groups historically victimized by discrimination by providing economic opportunities that have not been available to them in the past.

Supporting Documents

The documents below are referenced in the review and provide further detail about the MWBE program. Personal and confidential information have been removed from these files. These documents are the Administration’s responses to OIG’s May 2010 Review of the MWBE program.

These are summaries for 2007-2010 of the waivers from MWBE goals that the City has granted. (Source: DPS)

On the City’s construction contracts, the City is allowed to set contract-specific goals.  The user departments are supposed to make contract-specific goal requests which are then reviewed by DPS. The documents below detail the requested MWBE goals on construction projects since 2009. This information allows the user to track when MWBE goals have deviated from program-wide goals. Prior to this,  DPS did not track this information (Source: DPS)

This is a detailed PowerPoint presentation that describe the Certification and Compliance (C2) System (Source: Compliance)