Office of Inspector General Ordinance


To correct limitations on investigative independence and effectiveness, the 1989 ordinance establishing OIG contains various provisions to ensure the Office’s independence. The ordinance called for an Inspector General to be appointed by the Mayor and subject to the approval of the City Council. The Inspector General is appointed to a four-year term and can only be removed “for cause.” Additionally, the ordinance provides for investigative powers previously denied to the City’s internal investigative agencies. The Inspector General has the power to issue subpoenas to compel the attendance of witnesses for purposes of examination, as well as the production of documents and other items for inspection and/or duplication.

The ordinance also deems that it shall be the duty of every officer, employee, department, agency, contractor, subcontractor, and licensee of the City, as well as every applicant for certification of eligibility for a City contract or program, to cooperate with the Inspector General in any investigation or hearing. Likewise, every City contract and every bid, proposal, application, or solicitation for a City contract, as well as every application for certification of eligibility for a City contract or program, must contain a statement that the person understands and will abide by all provisions of the ordinance.