What is the role of the Compliance section?
Compliance reviews, monitors, and audits key processes in the City of Chicago’s hiring plans; receives and investigates complaints regarding the hiring process, including allegations of unlawful political discrimination and other improper considerations or influence; and receives and reviews escalations from the Department of Human Resources regarding anomalies that occur during a hiring process.

How are the results of Compliance’s work communicated?
Compliance activities, such as audits, compliance reviews, and evaluations, appear in OIG Quarterly Reports and are published on OIG’s website regularly.

How does Compliance section contribute to good government?                                                     
Compliance ensures that City managers and personnel are held responsible to transparent, fair, equitable, and inclusive practices throughout the City, including employment practices, departmental programs, and provision of services.

What should be reported to the Compliance Section?
You should report any observations, questions, or concerns about procedural improprieties; disparate outcomes and inequities; all forms of bias, prejudice, and harassment; favoritism; or political influence in employment actions, in addition to any issues of equity or inclusion that may occur in your experiences and interactions with the City of Chicago.

How can I contact Compliance?
You can report complaints or suggestions related to employment-related processes online or by calling (866) 448-4754.