Freedom of Information Act

As the Office of Inspector General (OIG) strives to make the operations of City government more transparent, it is mindful of its responsibility to ensure that its own operations are transparent. Below, you can find information on OIG’s budget, staffing, organization, and operations. If you cannot find what you are looking for, there are also instructions on how you can submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to our office.

All requests for records must be made in writing and must include a description of the records being requested. Please include your name, your email or mailing address, and a daytime telephone number. If you seek records for a commercial purpose, you must disclose that fact in your request. OIG’s current FOIA Officer is Jaimie E. Grace.

You may submit your written request by mail, fax, e-mail or online form:

Online: Form

Fax Number: (773) 478-3949
Mailing Address:
FOIA Officer
Office of Inspector General
740 N. Sedgwick, Suite 200
Chicago, Illinois 60654

The following categories of records are maintained by OIG:

  • Investigative records, such as complaints and reports
  • OIG budget requests
  • OIG operational records
  • OIG personnel records
  • Records related to Audit & Program Review projects
  • Records related to Compliance activity
  • Reports required under the OIG Ordinance

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of OIG’s work and strict confidentiality provisions of the Ordinance, a substantial portion of records are exempt from disclosure as provided by section 7.5(h) of the Illinois FOIA. Therefore, records listed above may not be subject to disclosure. The following documents are available immediately on our website:

  • OIG Hiring Statistics
  • OIG Organizational Chart
  • OIG Rules and Regulations
  • Press releases
  • Publicly issued audits and reports
  • Quarterly Reports issued pursuant to the OIG Ordinance

OIG does not physically inspect businesses or buildings for City permits or code violations, and thus, does not maintain such records.


OIG is an independent agency that promotes economy, effectiveness, efficiency, and integrity in the administration of programs and operation of City government. OIG is a watchdog for the taxpayers of the City, and it has jurisdiction to conduct independent inquiries into most aspects of City government. OIG investigates City officials, employees, agencies, and contractors, and those who seek to do business with the City or seek certification to participate in any City program. OIG additionally conducts audits, reviews, and evaluations of the operations and policies of City departments, programs, and functions. The office is organized into five sections: Audit and Program Review, Investigations, Legal and Compliance, Operations, and Public Safety. A diagram of OIG’s organizational structure and functional subdivisions may be found here.

OIG derives its authority from the OIG Ordinance, which contains strict confidentiality provisions. OIG files reports with the City Council, which also possesses other responsibilities related to OIG as provided in the Municipal Code.

OIG maintains one office which is located at 740 N. Sedgwick, Suite 200, Chicago, Illinois 60654.


FY 2023 = $13,036,466; Total budgeted full-time positions: 125

FY 2022 = $14,999,561; Total budgeted full-time positions: 115

FY 2021 = $10,962,647; Total budgeted full-time positions: 103

FY 2020 = $9,807,374; Total budgeted full-time positions: 107

FY 2019 = $9,738,316; Total budgeted full-time positions: 106

FY 2018 = $8,890,897; Total budgeted full-time positions: 97

FY 2017 = $8,641,428; Total budgeted full-time positions: 96

FY 2016 = $6,364,913

FY 2015 = $5,956,603

FY 2014 = $5,769,239

FY 2013 = $5,769,239

OIG reserves the right to charge any fees allowed by Section 6 of the FOIA. If you seek a fee waiver under the Act, please state the specific purpose for your request and explain how a waiver or reduction in fees would be in the public interest. Please note that it is within OIG’s discretion whether to grant the waiver.