Position Descriptions

If a salary range is given, the lower value is the starting salary. You can learn more by clicking on the position’s title.

Administrative, Technology and Data

Administrative Assistant III (0323)

Data Services Administrator (0634)

Executive Administrative Assistant II (0802)

Financial Officer (0126)

Forensic Data Analyst (0641)

Information Analyst (1727)

Senior Forensic Data Analyst (1719)

Senior Information Analyst (1721)

Staff Assistant (0308)

Supervisor of Personnel Services (1304)

Technical Support Administrator (0645)

Database Administrator (Forensic Data Analyst)

IT Security Analyst

Information Coordinator

Chief Data And Information Analyst

Operations Analyst

Chief Administrative Officer

Chief Forensic Data Analyst

Audit and Program Review

Chief Performance Analyst (1127)

Performance Analyst (1125)

Senior Performance Analyst (1126)


Communications Coordinator (0790)

Community Outreach Coordinator (0790)

Director of Communications & Outreach (0705)


Chief Investigator (1260)

Complaint Intake Specialist (1230)

Investigator I (1219)

Investigator II (1221)

Investigator III (1222)

       Construction Fraud Unit Manager

Legal and Compliance

Assistant Inspector General (1262)

Associate General Counsel (1202)

Chief Assistant Inspector General (1215)

Chief Hiring Oversight (1216)

Compliance Officer (1368)

Diversity Inclusion Monitor (Project Manager)

General Counsel (First Deputy Inspector General)

Associate Staff Attorney

Chief Intake Specialist

Public Safety

Chief Audit Investigator (PS) (1260)

Chief Performance Analyst (PS) (1127)

Investigative Analyst (1288)

Performance Analyst (PS) (1125)

Senior Performance Analyst (PS) (1126)