Current Projects

The Public Safety section currently has a number of active projects, or projects under consideration for launch this year, related to police and police accountability functions and operations, including:

  • Annual performance evaluations for police officers
  • Beat integrity
  • Civil asset forfeiture policy and practice
  • Collection and analysis of data relating to settlements and judgments against CPD and its members
  • CompStat effectiveness
  • CPD’s officer wellness programs
  • CPD promotions
  • CPD’s treatment of intoxicated or incapacitated persons
  • CPD’s use of facial recognition technology
  • Deficiencies in weapons qualifications
  • Duty restrictions for CPD members
  • Enforcement of CPD’s Rule 14, prohibiting the making of false reports
  • Handcuffing and detention of youths
  • Homicide clearance rates
  • Inventory, use, and impact of military-grade equipment
  • Latent print unit
  • Police Board evidentiary hearings
  • Policy development and implementation process
  • Response to allegations of domestic violence and sexual misconduct by CPD members
  • School-related arrests
  • Service call response times
  • SWAT recruitment and training
  • Wrong address search warrant raids

To find out more details about these individual projects, please see our 2023 Outlook on Public Safety and Police Accountability.