Current Projects

The Public Safety section currently has active projects, or projects under consideration for launch this year, related to police and police accountability functions and operations, including:

  • Civil Asset Forfeiture Policy and Practice
  • Complaint-Involved Mediation Process
  • Compliance with Welcoming City Ordinance
  • COMPSTAT Effectiveness
  • CPD’s Response Times to 911 Calls
  • CPS-Related Arrests
  • Discipline Process
  • Domestic Violence and Sexual Misconduct by CPD Members
  • Evaluation of CPD’s Policy Development and Implementation Process
  • False Reports by CPD Members
  • Investigations of CPD Members’ Failure to Report Misconduct
  • Police Board Hearing Process Improvements
  • Promotion and Merit Selection Processes
  • Use of Force Equity Impact
  • “Wrong Address” Search Warrant Executions
  • Youth Restraint and Detainment

To find out more details about these individual projects, please see our 2020 Project Plan.