Hiring Oversight

Hiring Oversight monitors City compliance with the General Hiring Plan, the Chicago Fire Department Hiring Plan for Uniformed Positions, the Chicago Police Department Hiring Plan for Sworn Titles, the Department of Law Hiring Process (included in the General Hiring Plan), and the OIG Hiring Procedures, all of which govern employment practices in the City. To ensure that the system is one of integrity, Hiring Oversight reviews, monitors, and audits key processes in the hiring plans. The section also receives and investigates complaints regarding the hiring process, including allegations of unlawful political discrimination and other improper considerations or influence in connection with any aspect of City hiring and other employment actions. Finally, Hiring Oversight receives and reviews escalations from the Department of Human Resources regarding anomalies that occur during the hiring process.

Hiring Oversight employs various controls and policies to promote transparency and fairness with the city’s Hiring Plans. Nonetheless, Hiring Oversight also relies upon prospective applicants, city employees and contractors to report inconsistencies within the hiring process. Please report any concerns to our office using the online complaint form or feedback using our help improve city government form.

Additionally, all city employees, regardless of whether they hold exempt or non-exempt positions, have a duty to report any contact(s) they have with any elected or appointed official of any political part or any agent acting on behalf of an elected or appointed official, political party, or political organization, if that contact involves an attempt to inquire about a position or affect an employment action involving an applicant or employee who is applying for or holds a non-exempt position. Please fill out this form to report any Political Contacts.

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