The Compliance section issues guidance, training, and program recommendations to City departments on a broad and complex array of employment-related actions; monitors human resources activities, including recruiting, hiring, and promotion; performs legally-mandated and discretionary audits; and reviews the City’s employment practices to ensure compliance with the various City Employment Plans. Compliance Section staff also support the work of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Director of the Public Safety Section in the review and evaluation of actions of the Chicago Police Department for potential bias, including racial bias, pursuant to Paragraph 561 of the Consent Decree through the use of quantitative and qualitative data and information correlated to internal culture, operations, and impact of service provision to identify possible trends and patterns of equity and inclusion deficiencies and to provide corresponding recommendations for improvement.

The Compliance section also monitors compliance with the five Hiring Plans (see below) governing the City’s employment practices through ordinance prescribed and discretionary reviews, real-time monitoring, and audits of key employment processes. The Section also receives and conducts compliance inquiries into allegations of improper considerations or influence respecting any aspect of City hiring and other employment actions.

Additional hiring-related policies and procedures of interest include:

NOTE: All City employees, regardless of whether they hold exempt or non-exempt positions, have a duty to report any contact(s) they have with any elected or appointed official of any political party or any agent acting on behalf of an elected or appointed official, political party, or political organization, if that contact involves an attempt to inquire about a position or affect an employment action involving an applicant or employee who is applying for or holds a non-exempt position. Please report any political contacts by filling out this form.

History of Hiring Oversight in Chicago