Ordinance & Rules

OIG Ordinance

The full details of the OIG Ordinance can be found here. The most recent substantial amendments to the ordinance, both effective October 2019, extended OIG’s audit jurisdiction to City Council operations and provided the Corporation Counsel the authority to release OIG reports to the public under certain circumstances.

Rules of the Office of Inspector General

The authority provided by the Municipal Code of Chicago provides guidance and standards concerning activities of the City of Chicago Office of Inspector General to ensure compliance with the law, promote the use of best practices, foster accuracy in the performance of OIG activities, and provide transparency regarding the procedures and standards for the conduct of those activities. The rules reflect existing and accepted OIG practices and may, within the scope of applicable laws, vary from one OIG inquiry to another based on operational contingency and need, and do not confer any rights upon a subject or witness of an OIG investigation audit or review. They apply to all OIG activities except those undertaken at the direction of the United States Attorney’s Office, the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, or the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office as part of a joint investigation of federal, state, or local law. See OIG Rules and Regulations for more information.