Audit and Program Review Section 2023 Annual Plan

Audit and Program Review Section 2023 Annual Plan

The OIG Audit and Program Review (APR) section supports the OIG mission by conducting independent, objective analysis and evaluation of municipal programs and operations, issuing public reports, and making recommendations to strengthen and improve the delivery of public services.

APR conducts performance audits of Chicago municipal programs and operations in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards (GAS or “Yellow Book,” 2018 revision) established by the United States Government Accountability Office. As defined in GAS 1.21:

Performance audits provide objective analysis, findings, and conclusions to assist management and those charged with governance and oversight with, among other things, improving program performance and operations, reducing costs, facilitating decision making by parties responsible for overseeing or initiating corrective action, and contributing to public accountability.

In addition to performance audits, APR may also generate non-audit work such as advisories, notifications, and descriptions of programs.

The Role of Audit and Program Review at the Chicago Office of Inspector General

APR’s role is separate from, but complements, the work performed by the OIG Investigations and Public Safety sections. Investigations primarily examines allegations of individual misconduct or wrongdoing, and Public Safety focuses on the Police Department, Civilian Office of Police Accountability, and the Police Board, endeavoring to promote public safety, protect civil liberties and civil rights, and ensure the accountability of the police force.

APR undertakes projects designed to help the City maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of programs and processes. APR is also distinct from the OIG Compliance Section, which performs legally mandated reviews of the City’s hiring and employment practices to ensure compliance with the City’s various hiring plans.

The Purpose of the APR Annual Plan

The purpose of the APR Annual Plan is to identify potential projects for the upcoming fiscal year. Projects are selected based on OIG’s prioritization criteria, which we describe below.

The Annual Plan is a guiding document that is subject to change; it does not prohibit APR from setting new priorities or initiating different projects over the course of the year. Circumstances that arise during the year may prompt OIG to undertake new, higher priority projects or reduce the priority of a planned project. Some topics on the Annual Plan may be deferred to following years. In addition, a project on the Annual Plan that originally begins as an audit may instead be completed as an OIG advisory, department notification, or other non-audit report, or terminated if OIG determines that further work will not bring substantial benefit to the City or is not cost effective for OIG.

Read the Audit and Program Review Section 2023 Annual Plan here.