Department of Water Management Overtime Monitoring Audit

The City of Chicago Office of Inspector General (OIG) has completed an audit of the Department of Water Management’s overtime monitoring. The objective of the audit was to determine if DWM effectively monitored overtime to prevent waste and abuse.

Based on the audit results, OIG concluded that DWM developed policies and tools to manage overtime but did not utilize these resources consistently. The Department’s management personnel, at both the central and bureau level, were unaware of the full range of DWM’s overtime processes. Moreover, managers had not exercised robust oversight of overtime distribution and had not consistently maintained overtime records.

OIG recommends that DWM update and distribute its overtime policies and use existing monitoring tools to inform operational decisions. The Department should also continue its efforts to develop internal reporting tools that provide a real-time view of overtime usage. We further recommend that DWM improve the consistency, transparency, and fairness of the overtime process by 1) identifying, documenting, and standardizing overtime “call-out” processes, 2) retaining overtime records, and 3) updating its existing transfer documentation.

In response, DWM stated that it agrees with our recommendations and will make better use of overtime monitoring tools to promote compliance with its revised overtime policy. DWM has also revised some call-out procedures to make them more uniform and directed all bureaus to ensure transparency by posting their call-out lists. Finally, DWM will update its transfer request form and retention policy.