OIG 2020 Public Safety Project Plan

The following projects are under consideration for launch or publication in 2020. The potential projects are listed below in three categories corresponding to the strategic priorities listed above: (A) Chicago Police Department (CPD) operational competence; (B) discipline and accountability; and (C) constitutional policing. The list of projects below is intended to serve as a guiding document and is subject to change; it does not prohibit the Public Safety section from initiating other projects over the course of the year. Circumstances that arise during the year may prompt the Public Safety section to undertake new, higher priority projects, reduce the priority of a planned project or terminate a project if OIG determines that further work will not bring substantial benefit to the City.

  • Civil Asset Forfeiture Policy and Practice
  • Complaint-Involved Mediation Process
  • Compliance with Welcoming City Ordinance
  • Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) Investigations Administratively Terminated
  • COMPSTAT Effectiveness
  • CPD’s Response Times to 911 Calls
  • Chicago Public Schools Related Arrests
  • Discipline Process
  • Domestic Violence and Sexual Misconduct by CPD Members
  • Evaluation of CPD’s Policy Development and Implementation Process
  • False Reports by CPD Members
  • Investigations of CPD Members’ Failure to Report Misconduct
  • Police Board Hearing Process Improvements
  • Promotion and Merit Selection Processes
  • Use of Force Equity Impact
  • “Wrong Address” Search Warrant Executions
  • Youth Restraint and Detainment