Advisory Concerning Chicago Police Department Preferential Parking

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) has issued an advisory regarding Chicago Police Department (CPD) members misusing CPD parking placards to secure illegal parking spots for themselves and their family and friends in a fire lane near City Hall, as well as at CPD parking lots to attend nearby sporting events. The preferential and illegal parking continued well after CPD issued directive #236336 on February 7, 2018, prohibiting the provision of “courtesy” parking by CPD members.

OIG recommended that CPD issue a departmental policy requiring that CPD-issued parking placards for any CPD location be strictly used at the location designated on the placard and used only by authorized CPD members for official CPD business. OIG further recommended that CPD ensure that directive #236336 is strictly adhered to, and that CPD enforce the no parking designation on Court Place, and on adjacent streets and alleys around City Hall, in order to protect and ensure safety in case of emergency.

In response, CPD ignored OIG’s recommendation to ensure that directive #236336 is strictly adhered to and has not issued a departmental policy outlining the requirements for CPD-issued parking placards issued for any CPD location. Regarding OIG’s recommendation that CPD enforce the no parking designation on Court Place and around City Hall, CPD stated that CPD members assigned to City Hall have discontinued parking on Court Place and LaSalle Street, have retrieved the First District parking placards, and no longer honor their use around City Hall. CPD has also prohibited CPD personnel and non-CPD members from parking personal vehicles in these areas.