OIG 2018 APR Audit Plan

The City of Chicago Office of Inspector General (OIG) Audit and Program Review section (APR) has published its 2018 Audit Plan. APR supports the OIG mission by conducting independent, objective performance analysis and evaluation of municipal programs and operations, issuing public reports of findings and making recommendations to strengthen and improve the delivery of public services.

In addition to summarizing work completed in 2017 and work currently in progress, the 2018 APR Audit Plan identifies 23 new audit topics to initiate in the coming year.

APR’s role is separate from, but complements, the work performed by the OIG Investigations and Public Safety (police oversight) sections. While Investigations primarily examines allegations of individual misconduct or wrongdoing, APR focuses on the effectiveness and efficiency of programs and processes. APR is also distinct from the Hiring Oversight section, which performs legally mandated reviews of the City’s hiring and employment practices to ensure compliance with the City’s various hiring plans.

If you have any comments or suggestions related to the topics in the Audit Plan, contact us at (866) 448-4754 or via our website.