OIG Fourth Quarter 2014 Report

Highlights from OIG activity from October 1 through December 31, 2014 are summarized below. A link to the full report is provided here.

  • a recent guilty plea in a federally charged kickback scheme relating to the City’s former red-light camera vendor,
  • the recent state court indictment of a former City tow truck driver charged with bribery and theft for soliciting payoffs from the owners of cars he relocated while on duty and,
  • a guilty plea in a federally charged fraud scheme involving the filing of bogus bankruptcy petitions to avoid paying a fine or fees to the City before obtaining the release of a vehicle from the City’s auto pound.

In each of these three cases OIG’s investigation was initiated on the basis of City officials referring suspected misconduct to OIG for investigation.

Also in this quarter’s report,

  • A delegate agency received City grants despite a history of financial mismanagement. Although one of many internal audits found that the agency was in financial compliance, the conclusion was based on incomplete documentation. Based on OIG’s investigation, the Department of Procurement Services imposed a three-year period of debarment prohibiting the agency and its two principle officers from entering into, or performing work on, any City contracts.
  • A recently-retired Concrete Laborer improperly concealed his imprisonment and received leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 by creating the impression that he/she needed to care for an ill daughter. The Laborer retired during the course of OIG’s investigation, so the Chicago Department of Transportation directed that the Laborer be placed on the ineligible for rehire list.
  • A Firefighter drove on a suspended driver’s license in the course of official duties for over a year and committed a host of related legal and policy violations which OIG recommended be sanctioned by discipline up to and including termination. The Chicago Fire Department concurred with the OIG’s investigative findings but administered a suspension of only one day.
  • OIG notified the Chicago Police Department (CPD) that it incorrectly issued retirement credentials to an Officer who at the time of retirement was under investigation for lying to federal agents. As a result of this and compounding errors, the Retired Officer possessed concealed-carry privileges under the Illinois Retired Officer Concealed Carry Program. Despite formal requests for corrective action by CPD, the Retired Officer is still in possession of the erroneously issued law enforcement credentials and remains certified for concealed carry by the Illinois State Police.