OIG Second Quarter 2014 Report

Highlights from OIG activity from April 1 through June 30, 2014 are summarized below. A link to the full report is provided here.

  • Following OIG’s investigation, Antionette Chenier was indicted for her years-long scheme to embezzle money from the Chicago Department of Transportation. The arrest and OIG investigation resulted in the employee’s separation from the City as well as the tightening of permit program protocols and the fast-tracking of improved controls for cash handling Citywide.
  • An employee compromised a City facility’s security system, rendering the facility vulnerable to theft for more than ten hours. This security compromise did in fact happen during a period in which $21,800 of copper-lined industrial cable wire were stolen from the facility. In response to OIG’s findings, the Department of Fleet and Facility Management discharged the employee.
  • An inspector for the Department of Public Health (CDPH) offered a contractor a passing inspection for becoming a customer of an electricity company that paid commissions to the inspector. The inspector guaranteed this by submitting fraudulent test samples and forms. The inspector also solicited other contractors and homeowners to join the electricity company. CDPH agreed with OIG’s findings and the inspector resigned in lieu of discharge.
  • The City secured a promise for $11,693 in restitution following an OIG investigation that established a former executive director of a City delegate agency fraudulently obtained personal health and dental insurance in excess of authorized amounts.
  • After receiving a Department Notification letter from OIG, leadership at the Department of Finance (DOF) and CPD met to address a hostile institutional relationship between CPD officers and Parking Enforcement Aides. DOF and CPD developed a plan that they feel will strengthen their partnership and result in better service to the public.