Follow-Up on DWM’s Material Truck Haul Program

OIG has completed a follow-up review of the Department of Water Management’s (DWM) progress in reforming vendor payment structures in the Material Truck Haul Program (MTHP).

The audit, published last February, found that many vendors were paid late and/or were underpaid. DWM reports that it has addressed these findings. Specifically:

  • To address the findings that in 2011 vendors were underpaid by $612,589 and $10 million in invoices were paid late or remained unpaid more than seven months past the invoice date, DWM now pays all invoices within the 60-day period stated in the contracts and includes a “grand total” in monthly summary accounts for vendors
  • To address the finding that 94.8% of signatures confirming delivery or pick-up did not match the list of authorized signatures, DWM created a new authorization signature list for delivery and pick-up confirmation. The OIG concludes that DWM has fully implemented the corrective actions recommended in the MTHP audit last February