Follow-Up on Audit of DFSS Grant Monitoring

In April 2012, OIG published an audit of processes related to the Department of Family and Support Services (DFSS) grant monitoring function. The purpose of the audit was to determine whether DFSS:

  • had effective grant monitoring policies and procedures
  • whether reimbursements to grantees were properly made and recorded

Based upon the audit’s results, OIG determined that grant monitoring processes were generally effective. However, OIG found deficiencies arising from DFSS’s misunderstanding of segregation of duties and governmental auditing reporting standards, insufficient management oversight and ineffective grant close-out procedures. At that time, DFSS responded with corrective actions it planned to take.

In March 2013, OIG inquired with DFSS regarding the current status of those corrective actions. DFSS responded on April 8, 2013. OIG has summarized the five original audit findings, recommendations, and status of corrective actions.