OIG Fourth Quarter 2010 Report

On Thursday, January 13, the City of Chicago Office of Inspector General (OIG) submitted this year’s fourth quarterly report to Chicago’s elected officials and residents. “This report provides Chicagoans with a better understanding of how their City government works,” said Inspector General Joseph Ferguson. “It details the OIG’s interaction with City government and helps explain how City departments manage employees and resources.” In addition to case summaries and statistics, the report includes specific policy recommendations the OIG has proposed to the City, as well as the City’s response to those recommendations. For example:

  • On December 21, the OIG recommended that the Mayor institute a City-wide “no-gifts” policy.
  • On October 8, the OIG reported on the City’s Home Repairs for Accessible and Independent Living (HRAIL) program, focusing on how much of the program budget was spent on direct home repairs versus how much was spent on overhead and administrative costs in 2007. The OIG determined that only 62% of the total HRAIL budget was spent on direct home repair costs.
  • On October 25, the OIG released its first Budget Options Report; the quarterly report includes the administration response.

Accompanying the report is a cover letter by Inspector General Joseph Ferguson summarizing the office’s work during his first year in office. The letter also details continuing operational challenges facing the OIG. Anyone with information about waste or corruption in City government is urged to contact the City Inspector General’s Office either through its hotline (866-448-4754) or through its web site.